TAKAZAWA Candle started their business back in 1892 in Noto Nanao city, Japan. They create traditional Japanese candles made from natural wax, called warousoku.

Warousoku have 2 main characteristics. One is that they use plant-based raw materials, and the other lies in the special way the wick is made.

The candles use a wax that is derived from plant-based raw materials, such as haze seeds, canola flower, and coconut oil.

The wick is made by wrapping dried material from a plant of the Juncaceae family referred to as 'lamp wick' around washi shaped into a cylinder. This particular way of making wick allows air to pass up from the lower part of the candle through the wick's hollow center, in addition to enabling the wick to absorb more melted wax, which in turn improves combustion and gives the candle a large, powerful flame.

The company has kept the traditional way of candle-making for over a century, and its candles are still being used in Buddist temples and homes as offerings; as well as at meditation and yoga sessions to calm the body and mind.


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