Founded in 2007, the dynamic design team from Taiwan embraces the ‘kidult’ spirit of ‘I just like it!’, ‘I will do it myself’, and turns exceptional ideas into functional everyday objects.

The story of 25Togo design started when the founder, Shawn Ho, started a blog introducing fun design projects from all around world in his distinctive point of views. With time, accumulated popularity and positive responses encouraged him to start his own design studio, 25togo design- a name given to mark the age of 25 when he started the blog. Initially, the studio of three focused on design services to various clients but soon shifted towards developing their own products. Now aside from being a product design brand, 25Togo is also a design retail channel, running an online store and three retail shops in Taiwan.

25Togo design is passionate about exploring the fun, the humourous, and the cheerful; introducing products that tell stories or state a fresh point of view. They have launched more than 70 products in the international markets since 2007 and they continue to work enthusiastically on creating products to bring laugher and novelty for the inner child in everyone’s heart.

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