Yuruliku is a Tokyo-based design studio founded by designers, Kohshi Ikegami and Kinue Ohneda. Yuruliku was named by combining the words “yururi”, meaning “relaxing” and “yukkuri”, meaning “slowly”, in Japanese. Their aim is to create new styles in stationery that can make everyone feel happy, based on the theme “little humour” found in everyday life.

Kohshi Ikegami graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology Design and Aesthetics Course. He studied bag-making in a bag craftsman school and while working in a textile manufacturing company, he engaged in textiles concept design for automobile seats as well as advanced development of design and materials.

Kinue Ohneda graduated from Jyoshibi University of Art and Design Print making Course. She studied silk-screen skills and while working in a stationery manufacturer, she took part in merchandise planning and design of greeting cards and museum goods.

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