Founded by two Korean designers, Jungbae E and Youngmin Sohn, Blueoculus is a product and furniture design company based in San Diego, California with a studio in Seoul. Both graduates from Pratt Institute, they met on a retail design project for an international cosmetics company. With shared design philosophy and a dream to start a product design company, Blueoculus was born.

Blueoculus aims to create designs with a deeper value: simple solutions that are beautiful, functional, and responsibly considered. Their central approach is to look at how people use and relate to objects, with goals to provide an alternative to the disposable paradigm by creating products that have lasting qualities.

Another integral part of their design process is the commitment to using efficient production methods. The entire life cycle of the product is considered responsibly from material and manufacturing to its durability.

Life is art. At Blueoculus, design is about exploring ideas on multiple dimensions to create solutions that bring joy and transcendence to the everyday life. 

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