‘Nothing is everything, fullness is emptiness.’

Co-founded by brothers, Seunghoon and Seungho Lee in 2007. About:Blank seeks enough emptiness that does not demand but largely capacitates. About:Blank is the pursuit of emptiness that is full of possibility, while trying to keep the essence of products and making them good enough.

Both graduates from Hongik University in Korea. Seunghoon, worked as the design manager for Kogendo, a top-notch Japanese cosmetic brand. Seungho, worked for design consultancies in both Helsinki and Seoul, as well as Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. He is now pursuing his masters degree at Aalto University School of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland.

The Notebook, made in Nagano, Japan, is the first project co-designed by the brothers, and is now selling in more than 12 countries. It took two years to launch and was first shown in 100% Design London. In 2011, they are launching their 2nd and 3rd project at the Copenhagen Design Week.

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