Mooq wooden yoyo (LAST)

Yoyo is thought to be originated from either China or Greece, and it is one of world's most ancient toys that dating back to at least 500 BC. It has conquered Europe and America over the las few hundred years, and its popularity has never diminished even in this digital age.

This back to basics yoyo is made of two natural types of wood, not only will it evoke your childhood memories, it will also remind you that simple joy in life does not have to cost a fortune.

Made in Taiwan.


Material: Maple and walnut wood, 100% natural non-toxin wood finish.

Package size: L 6.6 x W 6.6 x H 4.3 cm.

Yoyo size: Ø  6.5 x D 3.8 cm.

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  • Mooq wooden yoyo (LAST)
  • Mooq wooden yoyo (LAST)
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