Irokumi colour card set

Do you know that colours have 3 roots? They are light, aqua and terra. This wonderful Irokumi colour card set is created by a product colour specialist aiming to explore the magic of colours and shapes.

The set is consisted of these 3 roots, with 24 colours in different shades of lightness printed on smooth textured paper. These cards are in 3 sizes ( small, medium and large) and 4 shapes ( circle, triangle, sqaure and oval). Each card has a different colour on each side and can be joined by the slit on each one.

The set is available in two styles: Set 1 contains 6 colours from Hikari (light) and Mizu (aqua) series, the vivid colours will allow you to create strong and vibrant objects. Set 2 contains 6 colours from Mizu (aqua) and Daichi (terra) series, which is more low-key but will allow you to create more mature objects.

Originally designed for professional educational purpose, the card set can be enjoyed by adults and children, so allow you and your kids' creativity to run wild!

Handmade in Japan.

Awarded Good Design Award in 2010.



Each box set contains 24 pieces and work book with seperate English translations.

Material: Paper cardboards.

Package size: L 25 x W 16.7 x H 3 cm.

*15% off - reduced from £26 to £22!

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  • Irokumi colour card set
  • Irokumi colour card set
  • Irokumi colour card set
  • Irokumi colour card set
  • Irokumi colour card set
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