The newest Rocca game has arrived. While the previous Rocca series was hexagonal, this CHORO is rhombus-shaped. The small box, which fits in the palm of your hand, contains a diamond-shaped card and a die. It is a two-player game in which players turn over the red and green creatures that poke out of the hole.

The basic rules are as simple, and very much like Reversi. However, there are special cards and chance cards that make the game more fun.

The game was designed by Trulli Okamocek of Rocca series, with illustration and design by Tomomi Nishikawa©, and creative direction by Masahiro Kakinokihara.

This game was the winner of the 1_WALL and JAGDA Newcomer's Award. 

Suitable for age 7 upwards/ 2 players.

Playing time: around 5-10 minutes.

Made in Japan.


32 cards and 1 dice with both English and Japanese instructions.

Size: L 8.2 x W 5.2 x H 3.5 cm.


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