Paper tasting set: Egg shell

This pen-friendly eggwhite book paper notepad is designed for paper lovers who want to learn more about Japanese paper. Like wine tasting, you can try various kinds of paper and find your favorite pen-friendly paper.

The pack also contains the paper description and a classification table by the paper specialist, which is similar to gaining knowledge from a wine sommelier.

Paper Tasting is a test writing pad that is suitable for different types of pens.

B6 size: Frontier Tough 70 - A medium quality book paper with 70% whiteness. This paper was developed to meet the needs of publishers who wanted to balance portability with thickness. It is a paper with low fiber density that is very light for its thickness.

A6 size: New Chiffon Cream - A light-cream coloured book paper that is thick, light, and soft. Given that it is PH neutral, it does not discoloer over time and has great archivability. It is great for writing, especially with ballpoints and fountain pens. It is also used in the RO-BIKI NOTE range by the manufacter.

B7 size: Cosmo Air Light - A micro-coated book paper that is suited for printing. Often used in books and magazines, it also handles fountain pen ink well. The Japanese bookstore Daikanyama Tsutaya uses this paper in their Ink Journal.

Each notepad has 25 sheets, so total of 75 sheets of paper.

Made in Japan.


Each pack comes contains 3 different sizes of notepad (75 sheets) with a file clip.

Material: Paper.

Size: B6 (12.5 x 17.6 cm), A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm), B7 (8.8 x 12.5 cm).


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  • Paper tasting set: Egg shell
  • Paper tasting set: Egg shell
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