Maison et objet (Jan 2012)

Posted on January 25, 2012 by Toothpicker

It was a last minute decision to go to Maison et objet in Paris (one of the largest trade shows in the world) because I am not very fond of attending trade shows. I have visited the show as well as Ambiente in Frankfurt a few years ago, but I didn't enjoy [...]

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Clams & linguine alle vongole

Posted on January 21, 2012 by Toothpicker

Unlike most people, I am not a huge fan of pasta and I don't particularly like pasta with tomato-based sauces. My favourite pasta dish is linguine alle vongole, which is simple, easy and quick to cook but taste delicious.
Since I embarked on a 'meatless' home diet last year, I have been experimenting [...]

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'Building the revolution' exhibition & House on the embankment

Posted on January 19, 2012 by Toothpicker

Visiting the exhibition, 'Building the revolution: Soviet art and architecture 1915-1935' at the Royal Academy of Art turned out to be quite an emotional experience especially when I saw photographs of where I used to live in Moscow. It brought back many memories but not all good ones.
Due to certain circumstances, I [...]

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Posted on January 14, 2012 by Toothpicker

Apart from essentials, I rarely shop for fashion items these days. As someone who used to work in fashion and a shopaholic, I accumulated so much 'stuff' over the years that I simply ran out of room(s) to fit them all.
Then one day, I decided to sell all my unworn and barely-used [...]

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Forgotten spaces & William Morris exhibitions

Posted on January 8, 2012 by Toothpicker

William Morris - Story, memory, myth @ Two Temple Place (until 29th January)
It has been many years since I went to a William Morris exhibition, so I was quite looking forward to this. I had never heard of Two Temple Place before, as it turned out this neo-Gothic mansion was not opened to [...]

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Fernandez & Wells

Posted on January 7, 2012 by Toothpicker

Coincidentally, I happened to be at two different Fernandez & Wells branches within a week. I have always like their Soho branch, it's small, casual and I particularly like the fact that it's hidden away off the main street. Besides, apart from maybe Lisboa Patisserie on Goldborne Road, their Portuguese custard tarts [...]

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A new day, a new year, a new beginning

Posted on January 2, 2012 by Toothpicker

How should one spend the first day of the year? While most people were either traveling or resting at home, I decided to go to a meditation session to reflect on the past year.
Part of the session included a group walking meditation, which involved all of us walking backwards in a circle [...]

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The beauty of winter

Posted on December 29, 2011 by Toothpicker

For the past two years, I chose to spend the New Year period at meditation retreats outside of London, but this year I decided to take a break from everything. Going on retreats sometimes stir up a lot of emotions and feelings that had accumulated over time and it could take up [...]

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The Booking office

Posted on December 20, 2011 by Toothpicker

I have wanted to try the Booking Office for quite a while, partly because I wanted to check out its interior and architecture. Finally, I went there for brunch on Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I thought the setting is stunning, it makes you almost feel like you are inside [...]

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Souvenir from Hong Kong (stationery)

Posted on December 20, 2011 by Toothpicker

Although I didn't buy very much in Hong Kong, I did make a few interesting purchases...
Greeting card
I think the illustration of this greeting card shows the Hong Kong that I am familiar with: chaotic, colourful, cramped but full of character. Sadly, in recent years the city's unique buildings and street scenes are [...]

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