Fine cell work

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fine cell workfine cell workfine cell workfine cell workfine cell work


I was not aware of the organisation Fine cell work until my friend brought me to their one day exhibition/ sale in Hampstead. And I was quite genuinely surprised by what I saw at the event.

The showroom was set inside a lovely house in Hampstead with a beautiful garden. We were greeted by the welcoming hosts and were invited inside the house to view the wonderful and skillful home furnishing products handmade by prisoners across the U.K.

Fine Cell Work is a social enterprise/ charity that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework, giving them opportunities to create highly-crafted cushions, bags, and patchwork quilts. I think the idea is a brilliant one because not only it provides the prisoners new skills for the future but it also allows them to focus on something creative while they are serving their sentence. It's hard to believe that the detailed embroidery is done mostly by men! Shamefully, all I can say is that embroidery has never been my specialty...


fine cell workfine cell workfine cell workfine cell workfine cell work


You can visit the website ( here) and buy their products online, or find out more about the organisation and testimonials by the prisoners.


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