Beat the winter blues...

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After a hectic trip to Paris, I had to return to work... i.e. back to my computer. Ironiclly, as much as I like what I do, I don't enjoy working in front of the computer all the time, hence, I would try to get out whenever possible esp. out of London.

The drop in temperature this week has affected me slightly... I suddenly felt the winter blues and I knew the best cure was to take a break and go for a walk in the park esp. while the sun was still out.

Primrose Hill is one of my favourite spots in London, but something has changed since I last came... the bench and map are no longer there, instead they are replaced by some wooden benches and wooden fences everywhere. I am not sure what is going on, but I hope the council is making an improvement rather than ruining the place like they often do.

There are many trendy cafes in the area, but I chose to go back to an old favourite, Trojka Russian tea room. I don't go there for the service ( at least, that part is truly authentic) nor food... it's just a nostalgic factor. As I see the rapid changes going on in London, I started to return to familiar places just to make sure that they are stil there... I never used to do this, is this a sign of aging? The good news is that this place is still the same... well, almost... except that I detected a smile from the waitress' face this time! I went for the vegetarian pelmeni, a dish that is similar to homemade Polish and even Chinese dumplings. It's a comfort food that served its purpose on a cold February day...

Walking back through the park, I started to notice silhouette of the trees and their branches; I realised that I haven't looked up for a long time and it felt incredibly good to do so. It was then I noticed my winter blues slowly melting away, with my foot steps seemingly lighter, all I longed for was to get back home and make myself a cup of hot drink.




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