Tube 150 anniversary celebrations on the Metropolitan line

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tube stock 38stock tubestock tube

The beautifully restored 1938 Tube stock train


This year marks the 150th anniversary of the London Underground and the London Transport Museum has organised various events to celebrate the world's oldest underground railway.

I am not quite a train geek, but I do love trains and train journeys, especially vintage or heritage ones. Hence I bought tickets for the two train journeys when I found out about the events.

The first was to take the Art deco 1938 Tube stock train, a newly restored A stock from Harrow to Amersham via Rickmansworth ( in conjunction with the Rickmansworth festival). The train has been beautifully restored inside and out, and everyone on the streets looked as excited as the passengers on the train itself!


tube stock 38stock tube 38stock tube 1938tube stocktube stock 38stock tube ad

The art deco interior with humourous advertisments


The Metropolitan Railway was the first Underground line that started in 1863, which was primarily catered for commuters who have moved to the suburbs/ north-west London due to London’s booming population. This area became known as Metro-Land, a name created in 1915 by the Metropolitan Railway's publicity department to promote the suburban lifestyle.


steam trainsteam trainmetrolandsteam trainsteam train

The newly restored Metropolitan Steam Locomotive No. 1


The second journey was to take another newly restored Metropolitan Steam Locomotive No. 1 from Amersham to Harrow. The steam train was noisier than I expected but it was not too bad once inside. Unfortunately, I did not travel in the 120-year old restored Metropolitan Jubilee Coach, instead I was in the rather 'bland' ex British Rail coach from the 1950s! A slight disappointment but it was fun overall.


steam trainsteam trainsteam train


There will be more train journeys coming up in the summer, so watch out for more events on the London transport museum website.


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