The Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens

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As much as I love living in London, the grey winter months are just too depressing, perhaps it's due to lack of sun, but I was determined to find a way out this year... When I told my UK friends that I was going to travel and work in Asia for over two months, everyone was extremely envious of me... Sorry guys, but I really need the sun and warmth!

After spending a few freezing days in Tokyo, I was glad to be in Hong Kong where temperature ranges from the late teens to mid twenties celsius. Although temperature here varies a lot throughout the day, overall, it is quite mild most of the time.

Since I am only here for a short period of time, I want to make the most of it, aside from hiking, I would look for outdoor activities just to be in the sun ( I have been sun-deprived for too long)!

I visited the Hong Kong Zoological & botanical gardens years ago, and I thought it would interesting to return again and at the same time, enjoy a bit of nature in this hectic city.


ice creamhk botantical gardenHK botanical garden


The 5.6 hectares of garden situated opposite the former governor's house was founded in 1871 and it is one of the oldest in the world. Previously named 'Bing Tau Fa Yuen' ( the head of the soldiers' garden), it used to be the governor's private garden, and there are still traces of the colonial past that can be spotted here like the bronze statue of King George VI and a memorial gate for British Chinese soldiers who died during the two World Wars.

The garden was once a popular dating destination for young lovers, but now it attracts mainly tourists, local families and older people. There not many facilities here, but there is a refreshment kiosk selling drinks and snacks and free wi-fi available.


HK botanical gardenhk botantical gardenhk botantical gardenhk botantical garden

Cute animal benches can be seen throughout the garden


I can't say that I like zoos especially when I see wild animals being locked up in small cages, but I also understand that the zoo has its educational value particularly for young children in Hong Kong who rarely get the opportunities to see wild animals apart from the domestic ones...


HK botanical gardenhk botantical gardenHK botanical gardenHK botanical garden


In the botanical garden, more than 1,000 species can be found, with a green house and sub-gardens like herb, camellia, magnolia and bamboo. I love seeing different varieties of flowers and orchid trees, wandering around, I almost forgot that it's not even spring yet!

The zoo/ garden is probably not a "must-see" tourist attraction, but it is like an oasis in the city especially for those who can't deal with the stress and pollution in the nearby Central, this place would give them the breathing space they desperately need.




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