Maison et objet (Jan 2012)

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It was a last minute decision to go to Maison et objet in Paris (one of the largest trade shows in the world) because I am not very fond of attending trade shows. I have visited the show as well as Ambiente in Frankfurt a few years ago, but I didn't enjoy the experiences very much. I often find it mentally and physically exhausting, and it's no fun to be surrounded by aggressive buyers from all over the world!

The best way to save time and energy is to plan ahead and prioritise; however, no matter how well the strategy is, getting lost and losing track is still unavoidable! I came for the last 2 days of the show and managed to spend 5 hours in only three of the halls on the first day! But since they were my priority, I was able to wander at a more 'leisurely' pace on the second day.

The odd thing about these shows is that sometimes you feel like you are in a gigantic department store/ shopping mall (US size) and yet you cannot buy anything for yourself. With so many brands exhibiting there, a lot of money and time is spent on booth display in order to stand out in the crowd.

Here are some creative and beautiful displays (including 'camouflaged' female models performing in front of large wall of marbles):

While there are many different halls and themes, I concentrated mainly on the design and home accessories sections and saw many interesting products and names that I have never come across before. Unexpectedly, I placed an order for the first time at a trade show because the supplier have what I have been looking, so I guess my trip has paid off after all...


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