Latitude 22N Studio visit

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latitude 22Nlatitude 22nlatitude 22Nlatitude 22NLatitude 22N

Julie and Jesse's Latitude 22N studio in Chai Wan


Since the launch of the e-shop over a year ago, I have had many opportunities to meet with different designers around the globe, though I particularly enjoy getting to know the designers I work with. It is not only about building long-term work relationships, but it is also crucial for me to understand the people and minds behind the products. Being able to work with like-minded designers is not an opportunity that happens to everyone, so I feel lucky that often I am able to meet and work with designers who share similar values and vision.

I discovered Latitude 22N by chance and immediately fell in love with their designs, especially the S.M.L. candle holders that we stock from the studio. I have been communicating with Julie from the studio via emails for a while, and so I was quite excited when she invited me over to visit their studio in Chai Wan, an industrial area in Hong Kong that is becoming more 'artistic' thanks to the high rental prices in other more commercial areas of the city.


Latitude 22Nlatitude 22Nlatitude 22N

Main: The S.M.L candle holders and their Night Market collection


Interestingly, Jesse, Julie and I all share a New York/ Parsons connection, and so we could compare life in Hong Kong vs. New York. We also spent a long time discussing the local and Asian design scene, and I learned about the difficulties they had to face in regards to crafting and manufacturing ceramics in China. Although Julie and Jesse are not ethnically Chinese, their works capture the Chinese heritage and spirit, yet they are 'reinterpreted' in a contemporary way with much care and insight. I especially love their Fragment porcelain vases, which break away from traditional boundaries, and challenge the viewers to look beyond the aesthetics.


latitude 22Nlatitude 22N

Experimental pieces that are as intriguing as the finished pieces...


I was also very impressed by their cool and spacious studio, I think they have done an amazing job in converting a factory into a working studio that also regularly hosts art/ design/ photography exhibitions.

A new photography exhibition by Marc Progin,'Mongolia's land of Nomads, Caravans & Migrations' will open on 14th March ( until 13th April), so visitors can visit their studio at Unit 16 B, Man Foong Industrial Building, 7 Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan.


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