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harujukusandwich tagtokyo's tokyo

Main: Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku; bottom left: Yuse's sandwich tags; bottom right: fun fish pencil cases


With so many cool and unique design shops all over Tokyo, it is almost impossible to give a comprehensive list, so here is an overview of just some of them:


Tokyo's Tokyo ( 4-30-3 Jingumae) - Located on the 5th floor of Tokyu Plaza, this design gift shop's interior is inspired by manga comics. It sells very cool and fun Japanese toys, fashion accessories, stationery and other design products.

MoMA Design Store ( 5-10-1 Jingumae) - The first MoMA store outside of the US, this shop inside the Gyre building is a 'MUST' for all design lovers. Many classic design items can be found here, including well-known international and local names, but there are also many inspiring gift ideas that will suit all budgets.

Good Design Shop ( 5-10-1 Jingumae) - this shop below the MoMA store is a collaboration between D&Department Project ( a successful Japanese recycled/ lifestyle brand) and Comme des Garçons. An eclectic selection of Comme des Garçons' fashion and accessories can be found at the back of the store, while the front and main part of the shop sells a wide range of timeless and functional furniture and household products.

Crayon House ( 3-8-15 Kita-Aoyama) - This wonderful multi-storey children's shop is a gem... I especially love the simple wooden toys, beautiful illustrated children's books and the wide range of organic beauty and food products. The basement restaurant also provides a good value vegetarian lunch buffet, it can get quite busy but it's a steal in an expensive area.


d & d projectmoma design storecomme des garconscomme des garconsmoma design storecrayon house

Main: Good Design Shop; Middle & bottom left: MoMA Design Store; Middle & middle right: Comme des Garçons at Gyre; Bottom right: Crayon House



Cibone ( 2-14-6 Kitaaoyama) - In the basement of the Aoyama Bells Common, this large lifestyle/ design shop is almost like a quirkier version of the Conran shop. It sells a range of carefully selected furniture, homeware, art, music, fashion, jewellery and books.

Spiral Market ( 5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama) - Located on the second floor inside the multipurpose Spiral building, this sophisticated shop feels more like a gallery. There are many beautifully crafted tableware, stationery, handmade soaps and incense etc.

Francfranc Village ( 3-11-13 Minami Aoyama) - Franc Franc is a well-known home-grown interior/ lifestyle brand that is very popular for its contemporary mid-range/ affordable furniture and homeware. Francfranc village is their latest venture where you will find not only their own outlets but also cafes, restaurants and shops like The Monocle shop.

Found Muji ( 1-2F Nakajima Bldg, 5-50−6 Jingumae) - I have previously blogged about Found Muji ( click here to read) before I even visited the shop, so I was very much looking forward to visiting the shop. As soon as I walked into the shop, I saw a range of dyed textiles and its products, and on the wall, a map showing the regions where textile products originate from and a free catalogue explaining the design processes and background of each manufacturer. It is very encouraging to see an established brand evolving and going back to its roots and giving support to the local craftsmen and makers.


found mujifound mujifound mujifound mujifound mujifound mujifound muji

Found Muji in Aoyama



DB in station ( Ecute Shinagawa 2F, 3-26-27 Takanawa Mintoku) - D-Bros is one my favourite Japanese stationery brands and this is their only retail outlet inside the JR Shinagawa station. The shop sells a range of unqiue and fun stationery as well as their DIY Stamp it collection where customers can customise their own stationery or greeting cards.


d-bros d-brosd-brosd-brosd-bros cardsd-bros cards

D-bros' shop and their humourous greeting cards



Itoya ( 3-7-1 Ginza) - I was very disappointed to discover that my favourite stationery shop in Tokyo is currently closed for renovation. Although the temporary shop is just around the corner from the original site, it is much smaller and the selection is not as interesting. I can't believe that I will have to wait two years for the shop to reopen... nightmare!

Gekkoso ( 8-7-2 Ginza) -This wonderful art supply shop has been around since 1917, not only it sells art supplies but also its own stationery and accessories. It also has a gallery and cafe, a hidden gem in Ginza.

Kyukodo (5-7-4 Ginza) - If you are looking for traditional Japanese paper and incense, then Kyukyodo is the place to visit. Opened in Kyoto in 1663, the shop moved to Tokyo in 1880 and it is still being run by the Kumagai family that founded it. This is a great place for gifts, and you can find a wide range of writing paper, washi paper and stationery.

Muji Yurakucho ( Yurakucho Building 3-8-3) - If you are a Muji fan, then you must visit this outlet, the world's largest Muji. Aside from selling adults and children's clothing and accessories, stationery, beauty products, food, homeware, glasses and bicycles, there is also a Found Muji section, Meal Muji cafeteria and Atelier Muji exhibition space ( see my previous blog on the exhibition).



Top left & right: Itoya and its new expansion; 2nd row middle: Itoya's temporary store; 2nd row left: Kyukodo; 2nd row right: Gekkoso; Bottom: Muji Yurakucho



Idee shop ( 2-16-29 Jiyugaoka) - Jiyugaoka is a neighbourhood that is popular with the locals, there are many independent cafes and shops selling fashion and homeware. The three-storey Idee shop here is their largest outlet where you will find furniture, homeware, lifestyle products, a bakery and florist.


Claska Gallery & Shop "Do" & Mixroom ( 1-3-18 Chuo-cho Meguro-ku) - Claska is a design hotel in Meguro, an area where there are lots of vintage and retro furniture shops. I have stayed here once before and found the location slightly inconvenient but I thought the gallery and shop here is unique and inspiring. They stock many young and aspiring Japanese designers' work that are hard to find elsewhere.


loft tokyo loft toyko

Loft in Shibuya


Museum shops - There are many cool design shops inside museums or galleries and two of my favourites are Souvenir From Tokyo at The National Art Centre and Art & Design Store & A/D Gallery ( run by Mori Art Musuem shop) at Roppongi Hills.

One-stop shops - There are several mega lifestyle shops that are great for one-stop shopping ( where you could spend more than two hours), they are Loft ( there is a multi-storey branch in Shibuya) and Tokyu Hands ( my favourite is the Shinjuku branch) which I think is the world's best department store selling almost everything you could ( or could not) imagine!


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