Tsukiji fish market

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tsujiki fish markettsujiki fish markettsujiki fish market


Although I have been to Tsukiji fish market many times, I have never been able to get up early enough to see the auctions or other market activities. However, I still enjoy strolling around and having omakase sushi breakfast whenever I visit. But when I heard that the 78-year old market is to relocate to a new location ( apparently the plan has been delayed to 2015), I was quite sadden by the news and decided to return again ( and again if I can) before it disappears...


tsujiki fish markettsujiki fish market tsujiki fish market

Main: map of the market; bottom left & right: interesting cartoons at the entrance


Inside the fish market, the most popular sushi bar is Sushi Dai ( Building #6), I have never seen it with less than 30 people outside. As much as I love sushi, I cannot be bothered to queue for it, I would rather try out other sushi bar or restaurants that are very high in standard too. I have previously tried Ryu sushi ( Building #1) and Sushisay/ Sushi Sei ( 4-13-9 Tsukiji; an excellent and friendly sushi restaurant outside of the market, often overlooked by tourists), so this time I went to Sushi Maru ( Building #10), which is located in a quieter spot of the market.

For the price of 3150 yen, I filled my stomach with 14 pieces of fresh sushi including three types of tuna as well as three lightly grilled ones, so I really couldn't ask for more! And when I saw the Japanese customers next to me ordering fresh oysters, I was very tempted too, though my self-control kicked in and stopped me from ordering more. I felt quite relaxed at this tiny sushi bar and so I was able to take my time... I couldn't imagine being able to feel this way at Sushi Dai, so I was glad that I skipped the queue to come here instead.


tsukiji fish markettsukiji fish markettsukiji fish markettsukiji fish markettsukiji fish market

Top & middle left: Ryu Sushi; top right: part of the very long queue outside of Sushidai; Middle right: a shrine inside the market; Bottom left & right: Sushi Maru


What I love about the market is not only the sushi but also the traditional food and cookware or specialist stores selling knives, scales, seaweed, vegetables, pickles and ceramic bowls etc. I love see traditional shopkeepers at work, interacting with their regular customers and doing jobs that have occupied them most of their lives... I would be sad to see this disappear soon.

Due to time constraint, I did not have the time to visit the Outer market this time, but it is buzzing and full of interesting food stalls including a well-known ramen stall ( which I previously blogged about) called Inoue. If you are still hungry after your sushi breakfast, then remember to drop by for some delicious street food.


tsukiji fish markettsujiki fish markettsukiji fish markettsukiji fish markettsukiji fish markettsujiki market

Traditional shops and shopkeepers at the market will soon become history


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