Water for Thought: Life-changing design

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roca gallery

Roca London Gallery designed by Zaha Hadid Architects


Not long ago, I attended the preview of Water for Thought: Life-changing design at Roca London Gallery. The exhibition is curated by London-based Spanish designer, Hector Serrano for the We Are Water Foundation, an initiative of Roca which aims to generate awareness and address the issue of inadequate water resources in deprived countries.

The exhibition highlights the facts and water-related problems in the developing countries, and how product designers are tackling the issues by their unique and innovative designs.


water for thoughtwater for thought

Left: Exhibition display. Right: Fog catcher designed by Aron Alex Gross


I spoke to one of the designers, Aron Alex Gross, whose Fog Catcher is a low-tech but easy way to collect water. Simply install the net or screen where fog is likely to occur, then water will be collected. Aron assured me that fog can occur even in dry areas like Saudi Arabia, which I found quite surprising.


water for thoughtwater for thoughtwater for thoughtwater for thoughtwater for thought

Top right: Hippo water roller designed by Grant Gibbs. Bottom left: Watercone, designed by Stephan Augustin. Bottom right: Solarball, designer by Jonathan Liow


At the exhibition, there are many interesting designs or devices on display, and they reminded me of Ideo's Aquaduct, a pedal-powered concept vehicle for the developing world that transports, filters, and stores water, which is I think is a truly innovative design, though it never reached beyond the prototype stage.



Ideo's Aquaduct on display in Tokyo


It is encouraging to know that organisations are raising awareness and dealing with issues that could potential change millions' of people's lives. However, like the Aquaduct, many of these designs are still prototypes and have not been mass-produced, probably due to funding reasons. I sincerely hope that more funding can be raised to help and turn them into reality one day.

If the essence of design is to address and solve problems and improve people's lives, then it is crucial that those who need 'design' the most should be given the top priority.


Water for thought: Life-changing design at Roca London gallery is on until 23rd March.


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