The Bruce Lacey experience

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bruce lacey

The Bruce Lacey experience at Camden arts centre


I have heard of the eccentric British artist Bruce Lacey before, but I wasn't familiar with his work until his exhibition at the Camden Arts Centre ( one of my favourite galleries in London which is not actually in Camden) back in the summer.

The exhibition was eye-opening and extraordinary, there were paintings and objects related to mythicism and ritualism, childhood memorabilia, graphic posters, videos clips of his live performances and even robots and machines all invented by the artist. The exhibition was co-curated by Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller, who also made a documentary on the artist with filmmaker Nick Abrahams.


bruce lacey

Graphics for 'An evening of British Rubbish', theatrical performances in the 50s


Last week, I attended the screen of "The Bruce Lacey experience" at the ICA with a Q & A with Jeremy Deller and Nick Abrahams. And like the rest of the audience, I couldn't help but admire the artist's eccentricity, passion, humour, creativity, his anti-establishment and 'young at heart' attitude to life. The 85-year old's motto is "never lose the child within you", and by the end of the documentary, you would be convinced that he does live by this and happily so.


the Bruce Lacey Experience - teaser 2 from nicholas abrahams on Vimeo.



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