A new day, a new year, a new beginning

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How should one spend the first day of the year? While most people were either traveling or resting at home, I decided to go to a meditation session to reflect on the past year.

Part of the session included a group walking meditation, which involved all of us walking backwards in a circle and reflecting back month by month. It was interesting to recall all the events that happened over the past year in a reverse chronicle order. To my surprise, I was able to remember more than I imagined and it felt somewhat comforting.

And then there was the resolution part... I have never made New Year's resolutions until two years ago. I don't make unachievable resolutions, mine are more like practical plans i.e. to find a better balance between work and life in 2012. I know this is achievable, as it just requires me to be more mindful, so I am quite hopeful that I can make it happen.

Most of us who live in the major developed cities are always in action mode: thinking, analysing, doing, making, absorbing, multitasking and achieving; perhaps we need to slow down and do less sometimes. My 'home retreat' week has made me realise that slowing down is the best way forward. Suddenly looking at my 'to do list', I don't feel stressed out anymore and I hope that I will be able to maintain this mental state throughout the year!!





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