London design festival 2012 ( V & A)

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Nendo's mimicry chair and Established & sons' Bench years


I haven't had the time to organise the photos or blog about the London design festival until now. With so many activities across town, I had to pace myself and not tried to squeeze in too much.

As always, the V & A acted as the main hub for the event, but this year, the breakfast talks were cancelled and were replaced by many free talks throughout the week. Interestingly, the main installations were designed by two Japanese designers, Nendo/ Oki Sato and Keiichi Matsuda.

My favourite was Prism, a unique structural and digital installation by Keiichi Matsuda & Associates displaying data of London on screens made from Japanese mulberry paper. The location of this installation meant that it had to be pre-booked and visited in small groups.

The installation revealed interesting data in London from the bicycle hire scheme to air pollution level and even energy consumption of 10 Downing Street. After the tour of the installation, we were led up to the roof ( not normally opened to the public) and enjoyed a 360 degree view of the city, this alone was already worth the trip!


Prism & view of London from the top


Nendo's mimicry chairs throughout the museum was a fun and unique installations, however even with a map, it was not easy to locate all of them. These installations were designed to respond to the environment where they were located in various rooms or staircases of the museum.


Nendo's mimicry chairs


Kouichi Okamoto's Musical table, mimicry chair & a moving 'female' robot at the Sackler centre


To be continued...


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