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Bold graphics can be seen everywhere in Helsinki


Not many people are aware of the amount of graphics that surround us in our everyday lives. Yet walking down the streets, we are constantly absorbing messages ( consciously or not) from adverts, signage and banners, there is just no escape.

In Helsinki, it is even harder to NOT notice the graphics because they are so bold and colourful! Beautiful graphics and fonts can be seen everywhere, which reminds me of how London used to be, sadly, it's no longer the case.



Illustrations and textiles are also prominent, thanks partly to the strong textiles industry. Apart from the iconic Marimekko, there are Johanna Gullichsen, Kauniste and Elina Helenius etc ( perhaps less well-known outside of Finland), just some of designers who are shaping the industry.



To celebrate the graphic design or typography in Helsinki, Napa Gallery has published a map, Font walk where visitors can download, explaining stories behind individual fonts and facades in the city centre. I didn't have enough time to follow the route, but I did absorb the strong graphical environment whenever possible. If only I had more time...



Here are a few other contemporary Finnish graphics design studio/shops:

Polkka Jam - vintage-style patterned products

Muovo - graphical patterned products

Sanna Ja Olli - produces hemp textile products



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2 Responses to Finnish graphic design

  • Hello Rebecca,
    Really like your blog, you've got a good eye. Can you tell me, where was that lovely wall of different letters or info about it?
    Cheers, Brian

    Posted on November 9, 2012 at 8:11 pm

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for your compliment! It's encouraging to know that my blog does reach readers beyond spammers!
    The wall of typography was taken at the Helsinki City Museum, it is part of the "Made in Helsinki 1700–2012" exhibition (which will continue until Sept 2013). The free exhibition celebrates the city's craftsmanship and designs, you can check out the website here: Hope this helps! Rebecca

    Posted on November 11, 2012 at 8:41 pm