Paris, the city of graffiti

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Once 'The city of light', now Paris is more like the city of graffiti. Although the famous sights and monuments are still there, this city has changed so much in recent years that it is almost unrecognisable as the stereotypical romanticised place it once endured. Yes, there are still romantic spots, but I feel less safe walking alone in certain areas of Paris than I do in London these days. The social problems in Paris are hardly new, as we have seen in films like 'La Haine', 'Caché' and 'Entre les murs' etc. Tourists are warned about the pickpockets in the touristy areas, but beyond these areas, the scope of crimes are more problematic.

Vandalism is one of the issues that the city is facing ( esp. with their bicycle hire scheme), and in many older generation's opinion, graffiti is considered more as vandalism than art. On my recent visit, I didn't have to venture to Les Frigos in the 13th to notice the dominance of graffiti in every corner and on many vans!

Graffiti in London, New York, Berlin or Los Angeles doesn't seem as out of place as somewhere like Paris because of its historical and beautiful backdrop. In London esp. Shoreditch, graffiti has been replaced by more 'sophisticated' street art thanks to the influence of Banksy. In Paris, apart from street art, we can still see raw graffiti work like the ones emerged in New York during the 1970s.



Who would have thought that a city that has inspired so many famous artists over the years would evolve in such an unexpected way? For those who still suffer from the Paris syndrome, it is time to see the real Paris beyond Louis Vuitton and Musée du Louvre...


Work by different street artists including Invader



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