Souvenir from Tokyo (part 1)

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Again, I was supposed to write about this right after I got back from Asia... it has taken me a while to sort out the photos but I really want to share the goodies I brought back from Tokyo because they are so weird and wonderful!


Pianissimo ViV Menthol cigarettes

I am no longer a smoker but when I saw these on sale from the street vending machine, I had to get a pack for my smoker friend! Each cigarette in the pack contains a 'breath sparkling shot capsule' in the filter. Before crushing the capsule, the cigarette gives a menthol taste with mint flavour. After crushing the capsule, it would give a more intense and sweet menthol flavour with a refreshing taste. Apparently, it's similar to Camel Menthol Crush which launched the year before, but I like the packaging of this and am tempted to try one myself just for the experience...

I Lohas water bottle

Another product I spotted from the vending machines (I love Japanese vending machines and convenient stores!)... The I Lohas water bottles from Coca Cola Japan allow users to twist the bottle after finishing the water, subsequently reducing the volume and save space in the refuse and recycling bins. Maybe it's more of an eco-gimmick but I was quite intrigued and so bought a bottle to try it out myself... what's amazing is that the bottle can actually be revert back to its original state after I twisted it, cool! Click here for to see their TV ad...

Turtle 'Tawashi' Vegetable Brush

This traditional scrubbing brush has been around for over 100 years! It is made of palm fibers, and is tightly bound with thick wire. It is hard, durable, waterproof and biodegradable... a 'must' item for the kitchen!

Japanese snacks and sweets

Who can resist Japanese snacks and sweets especially with their wonderful packaging? I just love the peanut snack and its packaging!



Seasonal napkins

In Japan, not only selling and serving seasonal food is very important, even products are often created according to the seasons. These wonderful napkins have seasonal themes; I just love the graphics, not sure if I would want to use them unless I am hosting a very special dinner party...

Tabi socks

I have a soft spot for socks especially for Japanese tabi socks! I already have quite a few sou.sou ones but I couldn't resist buying more when I saw these! I even bought a pair of Tabio's sports socks, it's good to know that they have a shop in London now...

Furoshiki cloth

I can't say that I am an expert at folding furoshiki but I love the pattern of this cloth! It's so beautiful and wintery! Now all I need is to go onto Youtube to learn the many ways to turn this into a lovely eco bag!

To be continued...







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