Rye – the quaint medieval town

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Before booking my day trip to Rye, I actually knew very little about this town. My intention was to visit Dungeness, so Rye was not my destination. But after spending most of the day in Dungeness, I had some spare time and I decided to explore the town before heading home.



rye  rye



Walking around the town centre, I felt like I have been transported back in time. The cobbled streets and historic architecture are charming and fairy-tale like. There are also many independent shops and galleries located inside buildings with traditional shop signage.




Britcher & Rivers   Britcher & Rivers


In need for some caffeine, I walked past a few pleasant cafes but chose to carry on walking until I reached Rye’s Gates and Walls. Just before the gate I spotted a small cafe on my right and it is a hot chocolate cafe called Knoops. I was intrigued and I went inside. The cafe has a wall featuring hot chocolate with different percentages; seeing this prompted me to change my order from coffee to mocha, which turned out to be a wise choice.

The mocha was rich and very intense; it is unlike any mochas I have had before. Mochas I have had elsewhere usually have a more subtle coffee taste, but here it has a strong coffee taste, which suited me just fine (apparently, the kick was from the expresso).

Then I had an interesting conversation with the friendly German owner about London, Derek Jarman, Dungeness, Hurricane Ophelia and hot chocolate. Before long, I realised that it was almost time to catch my train... I think the mocha was exactly what needed to end my day.



knoops rye  knoops rye


Before I headed off to the train station, I made a detour around the town to watch the stunning sunset caused by the Sahara sand and Hurricane Ophelia. What a memorable way to end my wonderful day in Rye and Dungeness! As the train departed for London, I thought to myself that I have to return again soon, and I would have to spend more time exploring this historic part of England.








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