Documentaries marathon

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Since the ICA would be closed during the Olympics, I decided to do a mini documentaries marathon, seeing three documentaries in 2 days... I have been more ambitious before but ended up feeling nausea afterwards, so I have learned not to overdo it.


Marina Abramovic: The artist is present

This is an engaging, spiritual and well-paced documentary on the performance artist, Marina Abramovic. If I didn't see this, I would probably misunderstand her work and its meanings, but now I am very intrigued by her and her work. She comes across as a very spiritual being, and I felt quite moved watching her 'performance' with the public at MOMA. Once again, it ensures me that people are essentially the same no matter the age, race, background, and profession. Her work may not be everyone's cup of tea, but she is definitely a charismatic and unique individual.




Nostaglia for the light

Patricio Guzmán's Chilean documentary is beautiful, heartfelt and extremely powerful. It ties an unlikely link between the nation's fascination with astronomy and its country's past political turmoil under Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship. The documentary is not overly sentimental, but it would be hard not to empathise with the women who lost their loved ones ( executed) under Pinochet’s dictatorship.

This link questions the way we think about time, space, memories, past, present, losses and pain. It is so thought-provoking that it must be seen again to fully digest the scope of the topic.




Eames - The architect and the painter

This is quite a fascinating documentary on Charles and Ray Eames, who were America's most influential industrial designers. However, it does not match the standard of the documentaries above; it is overlong and a bit boring at times. As a designer, I am interested by the sources of their inspirations and design processes, but as a story, I think the material is slightly on the weak side.




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