The doors of Paris

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Petit Palais façade door 

paris door  paris door

Top: Petit Palais' Beaux-art façade designed by Charles Girault


This post is dedicated to all the beautiful, magnificent, elegant, quirky, stylish, and unconventional doors in Paris. If you haven't noticed the doors in Paris, then start looking when you are in the city next time. Here is a collection that I have taken over the last few years across different parts of the city.


paris door  paris door

img_4781-min  img_9841-min


Decorative iron & handles


paris door  paris


paris  img_1146-min

img_9508-min  img_9823-min


There is a vast array of styles including Beaux Arts, Neo-Classicism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco... Some of them are masterpieces that feature outstanding craftsmanship like the Grand Palais and Petit Palais, but personally, I love the Art Nouveau and Art deco ones.


ecole de garcons ville de paris  paris



Art nouveau


 rue Campagne-Première by André Arfvidson   rue Campagne-Première André Arfvidson

Céramic Hôtel door

paris door  paris door

paris door  img_1033-min

Top: Artists' atelier at rue Campagne-Première by André Arfvidson; 2nd row: Facade of the Céramic Hôtel, covered with ceramic decoration and sculpture by Camille Alaphilippe


36-38 rue Greuze by Hector Guimard  s8004723-min

p1000313-min  8 rue Jasmin

Follot's house

Top left: 36-38 rue Greuze by Hector Guimard; 2nd right: Former central telephone office at 8 rue Jasmin by Paul Guadet; Bottom: Follot's house at 5 rue Schoelcher by Paul Follot


Art Deco


img_9675-min  img_9339-min


img_9674-min  img_9378-min

dsc_0068-min  dsc_0038-min

paris  img_1102-min

paris  img_5187-min

paris  img_1106-min

img_0919-min  img_4780-min


img_9600-min  dsc_0114-min


Cool door/gates


paris  img_9414-min


Wooden doors




img_1091-min  paris






The Grande Mosquée de Paris  The Grande Mosquée de Paris 

The Grande Mosquée de Paris


Street art


img_5037-min  paris

dsc_0273-min  dsc_0124-min



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