Damp days in Hong Kong

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I rarely travel to Asia in spring and as I discovered, it probably wasn't not the best time of year to visit... While Thailand was extremely hot, Hong Kong was mostly wet, grey, hot and humid.

I had no idea that my body would react so strongly to the weather... for days, I was feeling extremely tired and battling against bad headaches, all because of the high humidity ( apparently, it does cause headaches)! I dislike air-conditioning, but there was little choice... the dampness was too unbearable.

Continuous downpours and unpredictable weather meant I couldn't go on hikes or plan outdoor activities... What a letdown! When I learned that UK had the wettest April on record, I didn't feel particular glad, but upon hearing the temperature was about 20 degrees lower, I suddenly felt better... Everything is relative after all.


Super moon in Hong Kong



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