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Graphic design is a visual communication tool, and it is more complex than most people realise. As a graphic design student at uni, I was profoundly influenced by Japanese graphic design. Now that my main focus is on product designs, I still can't help noticing and forming judgements on graphics seen in the streets, museums and shops etc.

The Japanese have always excelled in graphic design, and one doesn't need to go to design exhibitions to appreciate their ability to convey messages through visual means. Walking in the streets of Tokyo, one can hardly miss the impressive and highly impactful designs everywhere. Here are some that I captured while I was in Tokyo:


Poster graphics


Japanese poster graphics Tokyo national museum Japanese poster graphicsJapanese poster graphics  Japanese poster graphicsJapanese poster graphicsJapanese poster graphicsJapanese poster graphicsJapanese poster graphics


kyoto graphieJapanese graphicsJapanese graphics Japanese poster graphics



rene Magritte exhibition postersrene Magritte exhibition postersrene Magritte exhibition posters

"Rene Magritte" exhibition posters at The National center of Art


exhibition graphics exhibition graphics

Exhibition graphics at 21_21 design sight's "Measuring: This much, That much, How much?" 


subway graphics metro graphicsmetro graphics metro graphics

Metro graphics


Signage, logo, museum and cafe graphics


Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center Asakusa Culture Tourist Information CenterJapanese signageshop graphicsTokyo Olympics 2020 logomuseum graphics 21_21 design sighthands cafe Japanese graphics marouochi graphicsshop graphics Japanese graphics




Japanese packaging Japanese packagingJapanese packagingJapanese packaging

Food, tea and souvenir packaging


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