The last days of winter

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Although Londoners had to endure a cold winter this year, we have also had many sunny days. I don't mind the cold weather much as long as it is not consistently grey and wet. I am prone to winter blues if I am obliged to stay indoor for a long period of time, so whenever I have the opportunity, I would spend time walking outdoor.


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Being the greenest city in Europe, 40% of London is made up of green space. Hence, it would be a 'crime' not to take advantage of London's enchanting parks and woodlands.

In the winter season, I particularly enjoy solitary walking. I don't use this time to reflect nor contemplate, I merely walk... and I can walk for hours without needing to rest. I find these walks invigorating, and they help to clarify my mind significantly. Aside from meditation, I believe that walking and hiking in nature is the most effective antidote to stress, anxiety and physical tension.


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I love observing nature during the winter period. On the surface, everything seems calm and slightly barren; yet if you look closer, you would find that this is not the case. I was genuinely surprised to see a worker (female) bee out at work one day, it was only then I realised that not all bees hibernate in winters.


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The poignant beauty of bare tree silhouette also reminds us of the fragility, ephemeral and perpetual cycles of life. Soon, spring will be on its way and all this will pass...


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