Si Satchanalai historical park

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Si Satchanalai historical park is a World Heritage site and the former vassal town of Sukhothai, though it is not as popular as the Sukhothai historical park. Located in the northern part of the Sukhothai province, travel information and transport to this park is surprisingly limited. Hence I had to prearrange a driver through the B & B to take me there and drive me around the park, stopping at different temple sites ( there are about 200 in total, but not all are accessible or in good conditions).

Even with a car, it wasn't exactly pleasant to visit the park when the temperature was around 40 degrees, but I had little choice ( I was sure that the driver thought I was insane). Although the site is smaller (213 square kilometres) and more dilapidated than the Sukhothai historical park, there are still many interesting sites to visit.



It is true that this park is not as 'dazzling' as the one in Sukhothai, yet precisely because of this and its derelict state, it has a more authentic, somber and poignant ambience. There were many occasions when I was wandering around the monuments or ruins alone, and they triggered my imagination as I tried to imagine how prosperous the town used to be over 650 years ago.



At the Celadon Kiln Site Study and Conservation Centre, more than 500 kilns have been excavated, with evidence showing that ceramics were being shipped as far as China, Malaysia and Indonesia ( see the photo below).

The tour around the park took less than 3 hours, excluding some that the driver skipped. I would recommend making special journey to this park if you are planning to visit Sukhothai and try to visit when the weather is not so hot!



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