Home & 100% design 2014

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100% design 2014

100% design entrance tunnel created by Studio Design UK


During the London design festival, the first two stops for me were Home in Olympia and 100% Design in Earls Court. I visited our Japanese supplier Di-Classe's stand at Home and was glad to know that the show has generated a lot of interests for them from the trade and The Gadget show!


Home 2014 Di classe

Left: Home at Olympia; Di-Classe at Home


At 100% design, I did not see as much as I had hoped because I spent a fair amount of time talking to some designers exhibiting at the show. I first met husband and wife team behind Mana design at the Emerging brands section. Kung Mana Tongmee is an artist and furniture designer-maker from Thailand, but their furniture pieces are all homemade in Somerset. Inspired by his Buddhism background, Thai culture and British craftsmanship, Kung's designs are one of a kind and they are look more like functional sculptures than furniture pieces. I especially like the nature-inspired leaf cabinet.


100% design 2014 100% design 2014100% design 2014100% design 2014100% design 2014zi zai gong fang100% design 2014 P1100274

Top right: Lasvit's 'Ice' by Daniel Libeskind; 2nd row: Future Pioneers by Design Council; 3rd row left: Drop umbrealla by Ayca Dundar; 3rd row right: Zi Zai Gong Fang; Bottom right: Charles Parford Plant


Most young professional Londoners live in small flats these days, but it is very hard to find cool-looking, flexible and well-made furniture if you want to look beyond Ikea. I think there is a gap in the market between Ikea and high-end designer furniture, and so I love MoModul by Belgium designer Xavier Coenen. The concept is simple, there are only 3 modules, 3 colours, 3 sets but you can create unlimited combinations without screws nor bolds. The sets are playful, functional, sustainable, and they are perfect for small flats or houses with limited space. I also enjoyed talking to both Xavier and Anouk who are from Antwerp, one of my favourite cities in Europe. They also remind me that a visit to this cool and relaxing city is long-overdue...


P1100255 P1100287P1100285P1100261 P1100265P1100264SANDRO LOPEZ

Top left: Mana design; Top right: Lighting by Masam; 2nd row: Jangpanji collection by Beeeen Company; 3rd row left: Jo Woffinden ceramics; 3rd row right: Joseph Hartley; 4th row: MoModul by Xavier Coenen; Bottom: Sandro Lopez


Finally, I met and chatted briefly to Korean designer, Been Kim who has just launched her new Jangpanji collection, which is made from traditional Korean handmade paper and coated with lacquer tree oil. Meanwhile, she also showcased other collections like Dancheong bowl and mats inspired by traditional Korean patterns. Been's designs are contemporary and functional, and yet they also reflect traditional Korean culture and heritage, which I think makes her work stand out from the crowd.


More highlights from other design shows will follow...


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