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I can't say that Bangkok is on my top 10 favourite cities' list, but it certainly has its charm despite the chaos, pollution and notorious traffic jams. I was meant to visit Bangkok in October for the gift and furniture trade fair, but had to cancel at the last minute because of the flood. Luckily, the trade fair takes place every 6 months, so I re-organised a business and leisure trip (beyond Bangkok), which caused much envy amongst friends in London!

I believe getting lost in Bangkok (on foot or in taxis) is unavoidable for all tourists. Even though this was my fifth time to Bangkok (over a period of 15 years), I still get disoriented easily... and I blame it on the lack of obvious landmark in this vast metropolis...

Bangkok can be extremely draining because of the heat, chaos, noise level and traffic, so on this trip, I decided to pace myself and try to enjoy the city differently... With so many accommodations that are reasonably priced and with amazing facilities, picking a place to stay is just as hard as trying to cross the streets in Bangkok! I have previously stayed at luxurious 5-star hotels, serviced apartment and even at friends' house, but this time, I chose to stay at Baan Pra Nond, a colonial-style bed & breakfast near the river in the business district.



As you can see from the photos, this b & b is beautifully decorated and has an unique charm that makes you wonder what life used to be like in old Bangkok... The owners, Jason and Tasma are friendly and welcoming, and despite its location (under a highway and near one of the busiest intersection in the city), the traffic noise didn't bother me very much. While talking to the staff, I found out more about the history and architectural aspect of the house, which was totally fascinating. The idea of maintaining the old heritage and modernising it to suit our modern day life is something that I love and believe strongly in, and like the Japanese, I think the Thai people are very good at this.



Having breakfasts in the dining room area (alone) was almost meditative-like, even with the traffic noise and heat, I felt incredibly calm... I wonder if it has anything to do with the green paint on the walls?

My only complaint is related to the nearby intersection rather than the b & b itself... trying to cross the busy junction requires patience, determination and courage, it's a real test! My advice is to follow the locals, or just act quick... if not, you will end up standing there for 20 mins, which is not very comfortable in the heat!


To be continued...



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