Tango moments

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Tango al fresco at Regents Park


You don't have to be a tango dancer to appreciate this sensual and elegant dance, and I am talking about Argentinian tango, not the dramatic ballroom or 'Strictly come dancing' style. A lot of people get confused with the two as they still have this idea of women dancing with roses in their mouths and find it hard to believe that we can dance in jeans, which is quite amusing!

I became interested in Argentinian tango and its music many years ago, but was too shy to take up group classes until a few years ago. As much as I love the dance and music, the journey hasn't been easy esp. because it is an improvisational dance that requires two people, so it is not always within one's control. Hence the term 'it takes two to tango' makes total sense to me now. What I find particularly interesting is the psychology and behaviour of the dancers, which can be turned into a book based on my own (and friends') observation and experiences.

For me, the greatest joy of tango derives from being 'in the moment' or 'in flow'. If you are familiar with Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi's 'flow', then you will understand that the state of flow is a liberating and 'out of this world' experience. However, like with everything else, this mental state is not something that you can maintain consistently, sometimes it happens unexpectedly, other times things just will not go your way esp. when you try too hard.

It never ceases to amaze me when a strong chemistry or connection is felt between two strangers dancing for the first time. For some dancers, they constantly seek that connection or the ecstatic state of mind, but from my personal experience, it is not something that happens regularly (for me anyway); though when does, you and your partner will not want to let go of each other's hands and embrace for the rest of the evening...

Whether you like tango or not, these interesting tango videos will demonstrate how sensual, diverse and creative this dance can be:


Milonga, a short film by Marco Calvise



Perdizione - tango in the supermarket


One of the most popular tango videos on Youtube is this Los Hermanos Macana tango performance in New York Times Square. The legendary Argentinian brothers, Guillermo and Enrique De Fazio or 'Los Hermanos Macana' as they are known, are not only technically brilliant but they like to add wit and playfulness into their dancing, pushing tango to a different level.




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