Silent meditation retreat

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Not so many years ago, I used to enjoy the 'cool' lifestyle. Then one day, this lifestyle became superficial and meaningless to me, and my life took a very drastic change.

I never would have imagined myself becoming a nature-loving person who would regularly hike, meditate and go on retreats in the most basic accommodations with strangers from all ages and backgrounds (this surprised most of my friends too). In the past, my ideal out-of-London weekend would revolve around consumption: Being taken to swanky country hotels, enjoying multi-courses dinners that fulfill my senses and then shopping at outlets for hours before returning back to London! I don't regret those hedonistic days, but getting older (and perhaps slightly wiser) means my priorities in life have changed completely.



These days, walking boots and fleece are items that I cannot live without; blissful moments occur when I meander in the countryside and be in touch with nature. Spending a weekend meditating with almost 40 people in silence made me become more aware of the noise in my head and sounds that I would normally miss when I am in the city.

Watching sunrise, clear night sky with countless of stars and hearing sounds of birds and wind made me realise that abandoning the 'cool' lifestyle turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.




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