100% design & Tent London 2013

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100% design100% design100% design 2013ceramic studio meebamboo bubble chair

Top left: Paper space by Studio Glowacka and Maria Fulford Architects. Top right: Adaptive City Taipei pavilion; Bottom left: Tunnel lighting system by Thomas.Matthews and studio design UK; Bottom middle: Ceramicstudio "Mee" by Ji Hyun Chung at Korea design pavilion; Bottom right: Bubble chair by KEV Design studio


Perhaps the reason why all the design trade shows take place at the same period within a 4-day frame is to cater for overseas industry people, but it's extremely exhausting to have to go from one show to another in such a short period of time. It didn't help by the fact that I caught a cold last week and so I had to even skip some events.

My first stop was 100% design at Earls Court, which has changed a lot over the years, but I think this year's show was much better than the previous three years. There was a new section displaying work by design students, an emerging brands section, more international pavilions and there was even a 3-D printing pavilion.


100% design 2013100% design100% design 2013100% design 2013100% design 2013100% design 2013

Top left: Branch Lighting System by Peter Larkam; Top middle: Crivos objetos enredados at 100% Argentine design; Top right: Dandelion foldable 3D printed chair; Main: Worldscape by Atmos studio; Bottom right: A colourful table by Alex Petunin at Russian design pavilion


I was rather disappointed by the work shown at the Korea design pavilion this year, as I have seen more interesting work shown in the previous years. The more crowd-pleasing was the Adaptive city Taipei pavilion, but I was particularly intrigued by the Russian design pavilion as I am not very familiar with their design scene.


100% norwaytent londontent London 2013

Top left: 100% Norway; Top right: Ceramics on a conveyor belt by Soderlund Davidson; Main: Studio Jon Male's reBay lighting


The next day, I went to Tent London at Truman Brewery, a show which I have enjoyed in the previous years. I was slightly disappointed to see some design studios showing the same work from last year. Though I was also glad to see many furniture and lighting pieces merging craftsmanship into their designs, like the beautiful wooden chairs by Laura Kishimoto, perspective furniture by Group H from Korea, bamboo sticks sculptures by Mie Matsubara and woven lamps by Louise Tucker.


Laura kishimototent London 2013tent london 2013Tent London 2013tent London 2013

Top left: Chairs by Laura Kishimoto; Main and bottom right: Perspective furniture by Group H; Bottom left: Wooden lamp by Trepan


I was sent a newsletter about one of our suppliers, Di-Classe's participation at the show by my Japanese friend who represents the brand in the U.K. Hence, I was able to catch up with her at the show and was shown the newer version of the "Cuore LED candles" ( which can be turned on and off by blowing over it) and new colours available for the "House tissue box".

Elsewhere, the work shown at "Korea design membership" was too gimmicky and the Four Seasons in Shanghai pavilion was a let down. Luckily, there were some interesting work to be found at the "Fresh Taiwan" and at 100% Norway, which occupied a separate gallery opposite of the venue.


di Classedi ClasseTent London 2013Tent London 2013Tent London 2013Tent London 2013Tent London 2013

Top left and right: Di-Classe and the Cuore LED candles; Middle left: Furniture by Jake Phipps; Middle: Ceramics by Ikuko Iwamoto; Middle right: Folding books by Yumaman Creative & design; Bottom right: Dome lights by Handmade Industrials


My journey continued across London...


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