London design festival 2013 (V & A)

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London design festival 2013London design festival 2013V & ALondon design festival 2013

Top left and middle: The Wind Portal by Najia El Zein; Main: Oki Naganode by Julia Lohmann


The V & A museum has always been the hub of the annual London design festival, and for 10 days every year, the museum becomes a backdrop for the hottest designers to showcase their talents. After attending the event for many years, initially I felt slightly disappointed and underwhelmed by the installations at the museum this year. Perhaps I had been spoilt, because I still have vivid memories of last year's Mimicry Chairs installation by Japanese design studio Nendo and the structural and digital installation, Prism by Keiichi Matsuda & Associates or even Ronan & Erwan Bourouullec's Textile fields in 2011.


London design festival 2013London design festival 2013London design festival 2013garden of russolo

Top left: 28.280 by Omar Arbel for Bocci; Top middle: The dinner party/ True-to-life design by Scholten & Baijings; Top right: FAT & Amorim's CorkTECH floor; Main: Garden of Russolo by Yuri Suzuki


However, I later noticed that the range of work is probably more varied this year, from lighting to sculpture, flooring, sound installation and even typography. My favourite is 'Oki Naganode', an installation by Julia Lohmann ( the current V & A design resident) made from naga kombu, a type of Japanese seaweed. Her studio there is also fascinating, especially because her research and work overlaps art, design, science, and craft, and it is inspired by nature.


moleskinemoleskinemoleskinecircle OCIRCLE 0type tastingCIRCLE O

Top left, right & middle left: Moleskine sketch relay; Middle, middle right & bottom right: The typographic circle's Circular magazine; Bottom left: Type tasting


Yesterday, I attended a talk by Alberto Alessi on his company's design history and his experiences collaborating with the world's leading designers and architects ( his list even includes Salvador Dali). It was an inspiring talk because he is direct, humourous and passionate; over the years, I have attended many talks by leading designers, architects or successful business entrepreneurs and I realised that their common trait is their passion in what they do/ strive to do. Money is never the drive, only passion and persistence drives them to succeed. This, I believe is a motto to live by.



Top left & right: Alessi Made in Crusinallo. The beauty and the mastery; Main: Alberto Alessi's inspiring talk on his company's history


To be continued...

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