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Coffee has always been my obsession and I can't drink enough of it. But since a few years ago, I developed a new obsession with green tea latte (basically it's matcha powder + hot milk + sugar), which was almost impossible to find in London until recently.

Everytime I go to Japan/ Asia, I would stock up on the small tubes/packages of green tea latte to bring back to London. One time, my stock ran out and my friend in Hong Kong kindly took the trouble to send me 2 boxes in the mail! Although recently Japan Centre started to stock them, I find them to be overpriced.

I have tried many Japanese brands including Muji (not available outside of Asia), although it doesn't taste the best, it is a quick fix if you are in a hurry. Normally, I am not into lattes or sweet drinks as I don't even put sugar in my expressos, but for some odd reason, I don't have an issue with sweetened green tea lattes. Recently, I decided to create my own homemade matcha lattes, so I bought the matcha whisk as well as matcha powder from Japan. So far, I have yet to make my first proper homemade one!!

Then one day, I spotted green tea latte on the menu in Tombo, a small Japanese cafe in South Kensington. I was over the moon especially when I saw the heart-shaped white foam; I can't say it's cheap but at least I know where to cease my craving when my stock runs out.

In Japan, matcha flavoured food and drinks are extremely popular, even Starbucks offer Matcha lattes (too sweet for my liking). There is also Haagan Dazs green tea ice cream and green tea flavoured Kit Kat, the list goes on and on. One of my favourite pastimes in Japan is browsing in convenient stores, from 7-eleven to Family Mart to Lawson (there's also Natural Lawson for the health conscious), where you will find hundreds of green tea items, which is quite amazing.

Now I think matcha muffins will be my next baking adventure...



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