Summer colours in London

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The month-long heat wave in London finally came to an end, apparently we will be experiencing more typical British summer weather ( which means cooler temperature with a mix of rain, clouds and sun) in the next few weeks.

During the heat wave, I took the opportunity to take some photos of the city when I was out and about, capturing a very different London. Bright, colourful and vibrant, it is far from the gloomy and grey London that we are used to. All the outdoor restaurants, cafes, parks, gardens, theatres were full, whereas cinemas, shops and art galleries were quieter than usual.


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As much as I love the warm and sunny weather, I noticed many plants in parks and gardens withering ( including my poor Asiatic lilies on the balcony) because of the heat and lack of rain, which I am sure was a concern for all gardeners. Like always, good times don't last forever, and even though summer is not officially over yet, I guess we can start reminiscing on one of the best summers we have had for years... I enjoyed it while it lasted, and I hope I won't have to wait another seven years before I can use my electric fan again!


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