Dalston House by Leandro Erlich

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I missed Barbican's Rain room installation earlier in the year because there were always long queues outside ( 12 hours was the record!) and I lack the patience for queuing... Luckily, the new outdoor installation supported by Barbican is most accessible, and it is perfect for this hot July!

Dalston House is an interactive and fun installation created by Argentine artist Leandro Erlich. It resembles a theatre set, featuring the facade of a Victorian terraced house on the historical Ashwin Street opposite Dalston Junction station.


dalston housedalston house


A few days ago, my friend and I went to an evening performance by Japanese artist Rie Nakajima and musician David Toop. The performance was about exploring sounds, so various unlikely objects were used to create different sound effects. The performance took place all over the site, outdoor and indoor, so we were constantly moving from one spot to another.

The performance was perhaps a bit too experiemental for our taste, and I struggled to hear most of the time due to the overground trains passing by. The concept of moving around the site sounded good on paper, but it was rather confusing... as much as we enjoyed the setting, perhaps it was too 'arty' ( or 'Dalston') for us.


dalston housedalston housedalston house


The installation is free to all and there will be free film screenings and workshops taking place here until 4th August. Check it out before it ends!

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