Summer fashion accessories from Asia

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I rarely write about fashion here because I am not a fashion blogger, nor do I follow the current fashion trends. These days, I would rather buy less but spend on quality items that are well-made, timeless and slightly unusual. As a huge fan of all things Japanese, I am surprised by the lack of choices for independent Japanese fashion brands here ( and I don't mean Uniqlo or Muji), so I would splash out more than usual when I travel to Asia.

I love canvas made fashion accessories because they are light, durable and functional. The Japanese are especially well-known for their canvas designs, and so they are almost essential in many Japanese people's wardrobes.


tokuyama shoestokuyama-shoes


During my trip to Asia, I discovered the Japanese shoes brand Tokuyama and immediately I fell in love with their colourful and beautifully made canvas shoes and slippers! I couldn't find an outlet outside of Japan selling them, so I contacted them directly. In the end, I decided to order their Tote and Tote sneakers designed by Mag design labo./ Keita Hanazawa after exchanging a few emails with the company ( something that I rarely do).

I was quite excited when the shoes arrived because they both came in lovely shoe bags! However, the Tote were slightly too tight and I had to exchange them, but the company was helpful and did not charge me for sending the second pair. I have been receiving many compliments whenever I am out in my Tote sneakers, but more importantly, they are really comfortable thanks to the soft microfibre insole material.


bag n noun  bag n noun


Bag n Noun is a fashion accessory brand set up by Takeshi Ozawa, who draws inspiration from European military and work wear. His colourful and functional bags are all made in Osaka and are extremely well crafted. I love my mustard toolbag, because it is roomy and very functional. There are several UK stockists here that carry this brand, but for something more unique, the only way is to go their shops in Japan. I bought this lovely two-toned blue bag in their small shop near Tokyo station, it can be stored flat but is surprisingly roomy when you open it up. There are 4 vertical outer pockets, so apart from looking good, it is extremely functional too!


plus minus bag


Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa's name is often associated with Muji, but he is also the design director of ±0 ( or 'plus minus zero'). Just like Muji, the brand's products are simple, minimal and functional that are suited for contemporary living. Their cute sole bag is inspired by the rubber soled shoes worn by school children throughout Japan. On the surface it looks like an average canvas bag, but the bottom is shaped like a shoe, so the bag can stand on its own on the floor! How funny and cool!


boat watchboat watch


I haven't bought a new watch for years, but I was tempted when I discovered boat or 'be optimistic and thankful', where customers can customise their own designs from an extensive array of options. I love the fact that each watch's sealed wax face is stamped individually, it definitely makes the watch more special. Hong Kong designers Leo Chiu and Siu Man are the brains behind this wonderful concept, the watch resembles Uniform wear but it is much cheaper ( at 85 USD) and more fun. It is hardly a watch for the connoisseurs but it is certainly good enough as a fashion statement.


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