DIY Petal night light

This small origami-style DIY petal night light not only looks interesting, it is also easy to carry and child-friendly, perfect for kids' rooms.

There are 20 white petals in each pack, and all you have to do is connect the petals together to form a circular shape. Then you push the LED candle through the bottom of the assembled circular shade and it is ready to be used. There are also small holes on the top of the shade which allows you to hang the light from the ceiling.

*Comes with pictorial and Chinese instructions, but it is not difficult to assemble without instructions, you can use the pictures for reference.


Available in white petals with white candle/ white petals with yellow candle.

20 pieces of petals and a LED candle in each pack.

Each LED candle can be switched on and off, and comes with battery CR2032.

Measurements: 9 x 9 x 11.5cm.

Materials: Polypropylene.

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  • DIY Petal night light
  • DIY Petal night light
  • DIY Petal night light
  • DIY Petal night light
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