The name "Latitude" reflects the diversity of cultures and geographic locations of the founders, Jesse Mc Lin & Julie Progin, and those of their collaborative partners, and "22N" for the latitude of Hong Kong.

The company offers a range of contemporary porcelain tableware, accessories and lighting, as well as some unique limited edition pieces under their label Julie & Jesse. Latitude 22N’s work layers material, process, color, pattern and texture to create long-lasting objects with a story to tell. Their approach to design can best be described as a combination of quality, history and craft mixed to the stories and backgrounds of the team giving a contemporary twist to each piece. With a hint of humor, a pinch of intricacy, some poetry and a severe obsession for details, the resulting products are elegant, subtle, unique and playful.

Lovingly crafted in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China, Latitude 22N’s first collection is informed by a deep understanding of the local know-hows, of the craftsmen, of this incredible and inspiring city, as well as by the founder’s collated experiences and travels in Asia. Each piece of the collection is handled by skilled craftsmen and fired at incredibly high temperatures before being shipped From China with Love.


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