Floral shaped rice cake eraser

This floral shaped eraser is inspired by the Singaporean rice cake.

“Kueh Tutu” is a is a traditional Singaporean delicacy made of savoury rice flour cake steamed with either desiccated coconut, palm sugar or peanut fillings. Traditionally eaten at breakfast, they are sold on pieces of pandan (screwpine) leaf for extra fragrance. The small size of the “Kueh Tutu” and its sharp edges offer precise erasing.

Especially designed for a collaborative project between Farm and the National Museum of Singapore.


Single eraser (also available as a set of four with gift box).

Material: rubber.

Size: 5.5 x 5.5 cm.


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  • Floral shaped rice cake eraser
  • Floral shaped rice cake eraser
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