Save me monthly planner (LAST)

Our planet is unwell now, and many of its inhabitats are suffering, too. This eco-friendly and light monthly planner reminds us that some animals are in danger and we have to be more aware of our actions.

The monthly planner is divided into the following sections:

An Intro, 12 monthly sheets ( 26 pages) and 36 pages for notes ( 1/2 blank and 1/2 with lines on each page).

The monthly sheets are divided into 7 columns under the days of the week, with 2 boxes for each day. This planner design offers more flexibility for the users without the restriction of fixed dates.

Made in Korea.


Polar bear/ penguin (sold out).

Materials: Recycled paper (FSC), printed with soy ink.

Size: 15 x 21.5 cm.

Pages: 64.

*Reduced to clear - from £12 to £10.


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  • Save me monthly planner (LAST)
  • Save me monthly planner (LAST)
  • Save me monthly planner (LAST)
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