Moonlight weekly Planner

This simple spiral-bound day to day desk weekly planner is perfect for those who prefer to write down their plans/ meetings/ appointments on paper.

The planner contains 54 weeks/ pages and 20 pages for memo or notes at the back. The planner does not have dates on the pages, each page has 7 columns with slightly wider weekday columns and 12 months on the top right corner for user to circle or highlight. This provides flexibility for the users and is not restricted by set dates.

Designed by Korea's eco-friendly stationery brand, Gongjang.

Made in Korea.


Material: FSC recycled paper. Printed with soy ink.

Size: 25.7 x 11.5 cm.

Pages: planner - 54/ memo - 20.

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  • Moonlight weekly Planner
  • Moonlight weekly Planner
  • Moonlight weekly Planner
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