DIY Paper card case

It's hard to find business card holders more fun than this set!

This DIY set allows you to make your own card case from a square piece of paper. By following simple instructions; cutting and folding, the paper becomes a box shaped business card case. The rubber band in the package can be used to close the card case. There are two different colours inside and out. It is possible to change colour if you fold inside out. The case holds up to 30 regular size business cards.

There are 4 pieces of paper with 8-colour combination: white/ red, pink/ grey, olive/ peacock green, yellow/ lapis lazuli

Made in Japan.


4 sheets of paper in each set

Material: Paper

Size: W 6 × H 1.1 × D 10.3 cm.


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  • DIY Paper card case
  • DIY Paper card case
  • DIY Paper card case
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