Full moon story (LAST)

When was the last time you looked up and admired the moon? Most of us are so busy these days that we have forgotten the simple joys of life! If you think your friend/ loved one needs to slow down, then why not send this Full moon story card to remind him or her that it's time to do some moon-watching!

This set includes a four panel card, three girls blowing/ creating the moon in seated positions, a die-cut envelope and a fishing wire. You can cut the moon into 1/2 or quarters and use the slits to fit the girls on top of the card.

The card can also be turned into a lampshade, just glue the ends together and use the fishing wire provided to hang it up! This way, you will always be able to see the moon when you look up in your room!

Made in Korea.


Material: paper

Card size: 95 x 95 mm per panel (4 panels)

Envelope size: 118 x 118 mm

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  • Full moon story (LAST)
  • Full moon story (LAST)
  • Full moon story (LAST)
  • Full moon story (LAST)
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