Wax paper file

Imperfection, simplicity and impermanence are often words used to describe the aesthetics of wabi-sabi. The concept of the wax paper file truly captures the essence of wabi-sabi.

Designed in the hope that people would use it for longer with materials that improve with use; the A4 size wax paper is stitiched with thread and gets more character as you use it. The designer hopes the users will become attached to each file's own distinctive wrinkles or scratches and use them until they feel they can't use them any more...

Like your old trainers or wallets, some belongings age better with time and use…

Made in Japan.


3 files in a set

Colours: Blue/ orange/ grey

Material: Wax paper, thread

Size: 220 × 312 mm

Package size:  225 x315 mm.

*reduced to clear from £10 to £7.50!


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  • Wax paper file
  • Wax paper file
  • Wax paper file
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